Ipsy: Three Months Later

Ipsy: Three Months Later

After being less-than-satisfied with Birchbox, I successfully subscribed to Ipsy. The wait list had been a long one but I received the notification email shortly after unsubscribing from Birchbox. I figured I would give each monthly subscription box three months to impress me. This company also supposedly bases the contents off a personal preference quiz, but after my previous experience, I figured this wouldn’t affect what was inside the bag. As I learned though, Ipsy seems to be much better at matching up people and beauty stuff. Granted, some of the stuff I still haven’t used but nothing made me sigh with frustration upon opening the bag.

Ipsy March 2014From the first month, I could tell this was a much more beauty-centered subscription than Birchbox. Rather than receiving tea and stinky soap, I got products that I could actually wear on my face. I played with the primer and the creamy lipstick and found both to be pretty nice. The lipstick is a miniature size that I was easily able to fit in the smallest of bags. Pixi’s Flawless Beauty Primer was closer to a shimmery moisturizer with a bit of dimethicone. My face tends to be dry so it wasn’t so bad but other people may deal with a greasy feeling. The real loser in this bag was the bag itself; the pattern reminds me of a 4th grader’s rendition of cells composed of gummy candy.Ipsy April 2014In April 2014’s bag, I used everything except the lashes. The Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet miniature eyeliner is nice, though it is definitely not waterproof as the company claims. I did not use the St. Tropez face lotion long enough to tell a difference in my skin tone. I tend to jump between face lotions a lot because of commitment issues. Also, I tend to shower at night and didn’t want this to end up on my pillow case. I’ll get around to using it…someday. The White Gold Shadow & Highlight Mousse was the loser of this bag. It was patchy as an eye shadow, though it is fairly nice as a highlighter for cheekbones. The Cailyn tinted lip balm in Apple Pink is a horrible lip balm–but a great cream lipstick! Holy crap, guys! This stuff gave great coverage and a smooth, matte finish. It also has a lip brush built in. I highly recommended hunting this down and buying it.

Ipsy May 2014By May 2014’s bag, I had re-taken the quiz just to change things up. I have used everything but the Pacifica eyeshadow duo. First off, the bag is a winner. It is flexible canvas and while it doesn’t have the wipe-clean interior, it can just be thrown in the wash. I hadn’t used the Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask until it came with me to Mexico. I figured between the ocean, pools, and humidity, my curly hair would be parched and frizzy simultaneously. I was right, but this fixed it. I used it as an everyday conditioner and let it sit while I did other shower-ly stuff. Amazing. I also packed and used the Hang Ten spf 50 Classic Sport sunscreen. It disappeared into my skin and did not irritate my Rosacea. I could take or leave the Avene; it isn’t bad but it’s just water and nitrogen. The Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer is nice and I have often used it to contour my cheeks. Though the packaging is cardboard, it closes well and doesn’t show the risk opening opening up at random.

Overall, I would recommend Ipsy as a subscription box for those new to makeup, but knowledgeable enough to dabble. It is only $10 a month and is just a fun subscription to try out. Be honest on the quiz and see what the post office brings you!


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