Birchbox: Three Months Later

Birchbox: Three Months Later

Recently, I jumped back on the subscription box bandwagon. Several years ago, I had a stint with Beauty Fix for a short period of time. My interest in cosmetics tends to wax and wane and more recently, it has been growing and I began some research into different boxes. I ultimately settled on Birchbox, mostly because people raved about it and there seemed to be great products that people would get.

I however, wound up not being one of those people. What one receives in his or her box is supposedly based off questions and the subscriber’s profile. It asks what sort of products you prefer and the like. For whatever reason, I seemed to always receive exactly opposite of what I put my preferences to be in my profile. Needless to say, this made me a bit sad, especially considering that each month I would see Youtube gurus get these great Birchboxes. As my first box was tremendously disappointing, I decided to give Birchbox a fair three months to impress me. If not, I would move on to the second box I had my eye on, Ipsy.


I can’t use nail polish, partly because of work and partly because of a recent medical problem. I did try on this mini polish and within the same day, it peeled off. Not chipped–peeled. The whole thing just peeled off, like one of those nail polishes for children. The chocolate with pop-rocks was fine, because, really, who doesn’t like that? The Embryolisse, which came in a tiny tube, is a pretty well-known mineral oil-based moisturizer. The leave in conditioning spray smelled phenomenal but it sprayed in one stream, leaving hair greasy on some strands and dry on others. I wound up pouring the contents into my V05 Detangle & Shine Leave-In Conditoner, combining the formulas. It sprays fine now. The ChapStick, which came as a bonus product, had almost no wear time. I expect this from lip balms, but not ones that claim to last eight hours. It couldn’t even give three. The best product in this box was the Harvey Prince Hello EDT. It smells so good, like nothing else in my fragrance wardrobe. I keep it in my purse to spray when I’m out and about.


Another nail product that I can’t use. Surprise, surprise. A couple teas, a couple sugar-sized packets of coconut lotion…A face polish was included, which gave the option of rinsing off or leaving on. I feel like a face polish is not the kind of product that should have that kind of option. It worked fine under my makeup, but overall, it felt unnccessary. The most well-known product in this box was a mini dry shampoo by Klorane. Dry shampoos are useful for me, because my fine but curly hair means my ends are dry and by roots are flat. Despite being a useful product category for me, I’ve only used this spray once. My favorite product in this box was the tea, which shouldn’t really happen in a beauty box.

I had hopes of a redeeming quality for this box, because I told myself that I’d give them three boxes to impress me. It just didn’t happen. The unusable nail product was a given at this point. I haven’t even opened it and will probably pass it along to my mother, though she usually gets hers done by professionals. I was actually excited for the Skin Transformer and put it to use quite quickly. It is basically a sunscreen that feels like a primer, with built-in bronze glitter. Because size can be hard to tell in pictures, the tube is shorter than a small index finger. I’ll probably get the most use of this during the summer, on lazy days about town. There was a Juicy Couture perfume in here, which is not my favorite, but I’ll relegate it to summer use because of its scent. The Ayres soap on the other hand, smells like complete garbage. How lucky that soap smell usually is literally washed down the drain! Despite that hope, I haven’t opened this bar because I’m afraid of death by bad smells. It’s a thing. I also haven’t opened the one-time-use Agave Oil Treatment, mostly because there is no directions for use. I will definitely use it eventually though, because I’m a swim instructor with curly ends and the chlorine really does a job on my hair.

After I received the third box, I went ahead and cancelled my subscription. I will say that it was a very easy process, both to subscribe and unsubscribe. I don’t regret my Birchbox subscription though, because it is better to have tried and known. A couple weeks later, coincidentally, Ipsy emailed me that I was off the wait list and finally subscribed. That subscription will be reviewed at a later time.


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