New York City Pride Parade

New York City Pride Parade

Is that Vladimir Putin?
How many rainbows had to die to make that costume?
Mis Amigos! They’re not drunk. Not at all.

Last month, the LGBT (that’s Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender for those of you living under a rock) community of The United States of America had a few victories to celebrate. A section of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) was struck down after being ruled unconstitutional by The Supremes. This means the federal government will no longer define marriage as between a man and a woman, which further means that same-sex couples will have the same federal rights as straight couples. Unfortunately, LGBT couples are only granted state rights in about 13 states. I suppose we have to step before we can leap. Another victory came when The Supremes destroyed Prop 8 (a ban on same-sex marriage in California).

Needless to say, the parade this year was a bigger deal than usual. Approximately two million people were there and I was one of them! Actually, I accidentally found myself walking IN THE PARADE. Oops. When I figured out what was going on, I just smiled, waved, gave out hi-fives, and kept walking. Awkward. At some point, it began to drizzle but it didn’t seem to dampen the incredible mood and energy of both the crowds and the walkers. The sky cleared and the city turned into a giant party, with bars brightened by patrons decked in rainbows and feathers. And for a moment…just a moment…the dirty, gray, structured city became a beacon of joy and color.

P.S. Russia’s unfortunate LGBT community was represented by a float this year and I nearly collapsed a lung, laughing when a presumably gay man wore nipple pasties (tassels included) with Vladimir Putin’s face on them.

P.P.S. Any and all hateful remarks will be mocked and ridiculed with contempt.


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