Curvy Kate Ella bra review

Curvy Kate Ella bra review


I purchased the discontinued Curvy Kate Ella. I had previously given this brand a try with the Criss Cross, which turned out to be a pretty terribly fitting bra. After that experience, I dismissed the brand. A year went by and Bratabase announced it would end its free world-wide shipping. In a desperate rampage (UK->NY shipping is pricey!), I purchased any 28H and 30GG bras I could find. I wound up being an altered Ewa Michalak bra, Cleo’s Sadie Longline, and Curvy Kate’s Thrill Me. I will do the reviews at some other time, but the Thrill Me was impressive enough that I was willing to try another Curvy Kate that happened to pop into an Ebay email.

I will agree with Bras I Hate in that the bra is much prettier in person than in the stock photos. The bra felt fine on and it was a good fit, in 30GG. The wires encased my tissue and the cups didn’t come up horrendously high, which is a common problem when you’re five foot tall. I am happy with the width of the wire but I think a narrow-shouldered person, such as myself, may find the strap separation too great. Even though the bra is comfortable just walking around in, it became less than comfortable when I had to do activities requiring my arm or arms to be held in front of me for long periods of time (driving, cashiering, walking the dog). Due to the design, the straps are something I couldn’t easily move further into the cup. Speaking of the straps, they adjust almost 100%.

P1010556I quadboob (it’s a verb in my book) on one side just a little, after I’ve been moving around a lot and that’s easily adjustable but I did feel like the shape is not my favorite. I don’t know if it’s an optical illusion but I find that on bras with a sheer panel up top and a solid panel down below, after a while the girls look…sad. It is less obvious in this bra than in the Criss Cross. Maybe the top panel is pushing my tissue down?

The unfortunate part of the straps/cups width is that the wings/side of the cup show under tank tops but I’ve noticed that on every single non-contour bra I own. It is good for tees and sweaters, more so sweaters because the embroidery is raised and it easily shows through non-substantial fabrics.

Despite all these problems, I consider this bra a successful buy. I have another fitting bra, even if the clothes that cover it and the time of week(ie not work) are limited. I would recommend this bra to non-narrow-shouldered women who have bottom heavy, average or wide-set busts.


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