My Bra-Fitting Journey

My Bra-Fitting Journey

The journey to find the correct size was a messy one–a massacre ending with a dozen or so bra corpses strewn about. In high school I remember walking up to the building and my back strap coming undone. I was literally busting out and so I began looking for bigger sizes. I would walk around Target, each trip going up a cup size. UNTIL I RAN OUT OF CUP SIZES TO GO UP. The only huge (to me at the time) cups I saw were the ones on those ugly beige bras. No way. Well, I thought, I will just have to go up band sizes now. After some time, I noticed that I was spending a good part of the schoolday with my hand between my shoulder blades yanking my bra band down because it had ridden up AGAIN. I’ve reached the end of the US chart, DD so where could I go from here? Fredericks of Hollywood. It was the only US semi-close brick-and-mortar store that I could find that carried up to an F cup. I found that I was able to fit into a 34F there. People would say, “Well isn’t that store just for sexy-time lingerie?” Lacy and molded cups became my norm and I still carry that preference. I was a happy camper for a while until I noticed the band creeping up my back again and again; it wasn’t so obvious as previous times but it was still there. What do I do from here? I turned to the internet, beginning with eBay. I started buying bras left and right. My reasoning was, well the cups on those 34F bras aren’t a terrible fit so maybe if I get an F cup, with a smaller band it will fit. I would go ahead and order a 30F and low and behold it was jokingly small. I started to read about larger cups existing and how the measurement should be that of your ribcage. I purchased an M&S 28G. It began to occur to me that band size and cup size are relative. A dozen bras later, it was becoming apparent that I was running out of funds for this trial-and-error system. I turned to the magic of Google, which brought me to Thin and Curvy. It was there that I read about how to fit myself. My world…if it were flat…flipped over. With my trial and error leading me to a 32G, I was in a “sister size” and Thin and Curvy’s posts just tidied that size up for me. I have since settled on 28H/30GG and occasionally 32G (I find M&S bras usually have firm backs). Along this journey, I have stumbled upon bra blogs from across the world and I follow them religiously. Beautiful lingerie has become an obsession and I spread fitting information like a Jehovahs Witness. Have you accepted Ewa Michalak as your lord and savior? Just kidding. I don’t knock on your doors but give me a chance (and a drink) and I will talk your ear off. Just the other day as I was settling down to watch Double Divas, my dad said “Isn’t this bra thing a bit of an obsession? You’re not going to be 25 forever.” And to that I said, “Dad, I’m 24.”


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