The flu seems to have hit pretty early this year and while I have escaped thus far, I have had my share of colds. I’m not one to take medicines unless my ABCs are compromised but recently I received a complimentary bottle of Afrin No-Drip nasal spray from BzzAgent to test and review. The cold started to kick in on Christmas Eve and my usual cure of rest, tea, and complaining was not an option because I was stuck at work on a twelve hour shift. When I came home, I reached into my nerd drawer (cameras, GPS, various cords, USB drives, nasal spray) and plucked out the Afrin. For the next eight-ish hours, that burning/tingling feeling of having to sneeze lingered in my nose. Ugh! Naturally, I gave this spray multiple chances over the days of the cold and well, the same funny feeling came back. I know everyone is different and my old boss swore to this brand up and down but I just wouldn’t recommend it. Maybe it is the formula? I wound up relying on cold and flu pills for the rest of the duration.


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