Fashion Fridays: HerRoom is off my map.

Fashion Fridays: HerRoom is off my map. is a leading online retailer of bras and other lingerie. They offer a large range of sizes, for a United States company and if one of our citizens is weary of ordering from overseas, this is often the place to where they will turn. The company has its downs, as well as its ups.

A while ago, HerRoom took the initiative to create a universal sizing system. If you are not familiar with the lingerie industry, one size in one brand may be different than in another (as if sizing wasn’t hard enough). Some companies may go B, C, D, DD, E, F, G, etc while another may skip the DD and go right to E. This is further complicated by the fact that cup sizes are different between countries. A G cup in the United States is an F cup in the United Kingdom. HerRoom’s universal sizing system fixed all of that, for that site only though.

HerRoom also created a get-to-know-your-boobs quiz which doesn’t help you to determine size but helps you to describe their attributes then proceeds to recommend bras that can help fix or flaunt said attributes. For instance, busts that are full on top may be recommended bras that have a looser upper section. Busts that have a large space between them may be recommended a bra with a wide center gore. Of course, not all of the products they recommend come in your size. While I appreciate their efforts, many women in the lingerie blogosphere (OMG spellcheck did not underline that. That’s a real word?) are up in arms over the quiz especially, saying the test and the words used is insulting, taunting, and racist (I don’t even want to get into it). I took this quiz after it was brought to my attention and found that as far as insults go, I was not. I found the words, were just well…words. I don’t know if maybe these women are overly sensitive or if I am just not. It may be different for women who have had body image issues and they may see the words “splayed” or “settled” as triggers.

But this is not why I am writing this today. I CAN NO LONGER RECOMMEND HERROOM.COM as a place of business. Why? One blogger who wrote a criticizing post about said quiz was contacted by HerRoom via a nasty email. The representative wanted her to take down the image of one page of the quiz that she had posted. Then the representative went about insulting the woman’s site, reviews, and expressions. She did not even touch upon how she could take the blogger’s recommendations to improve the quiz. The blogger took down the image, just for fear of being sued, even though the terms and conditions state that she was completely in the right.

I also feel like is only getting business from women who don’t know their are better and cheaper options. They keep their costs to the level of high end boutiques, but without giving that personalized service. The shipping isn’t even free (only one-way is if you spend over $70)! Brastop, Bravissimo, eBay, and a whole list of others are so much better and cheaper, but I will talk about that more some other time.

Anyway, I don’t do business with bullies so GOODBYE HERROOM.COM!


2 thoughts on “Fashion Fridays: HerRoom is off my map.

  1. Ugh, HerRoom! It used to be one of my favorites. I actually think their universal sizing system and their quiz are great ideas. I actually think HerRoom has a lot of great ideas and I go to the site a lot just to get all the detailed, helpful information they put out there about every bra they sell. But then I go somewhere else with my money. A few months ago, I had a $20 gift certificate, which I combined with $50 of my own money to buy a bra that ended up not fitting right. I tried to exchange it for a different size of the same bra, but they said I’d have to pay another $20 to make up the difference – because my gift certificate somehow vanished into thin air? I called them and they said I couldn’t “reuse” a gift certificate because I already used it once and it would be like “giving you $40 when the certificate was only for $20.” What in the world? I spoke to customer service, I spoke to their manager, and they all told me the same thing. I wrote about it on their facebook wall and they just said they’d contact me, deleted it, and locked anyone else from commenting on their wall again. (And of course they never contacted me.)


    1. I’m sorry to hear that. What a terrible thing to do to someone. They are standing on thin ice, as their competitors have much lower prices. Granted, said competitors don’t often have as much details and reviews on the sites, but they’re easy enough to find among the blogosphere.


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