Fashion Fridays: Freya’s Venetian Bikini review

Fashion Fridays: Freya’s Venetian Bikini review

I live on Long Island, New York in a town that is right on the water. That said, I try to take advantage of the beaches as much as possible. I’ve always been a water person so I am not the kind to just lay about on the beach. I am in the water, roughhousing with the waves and I need a bikini that will keep up with that. I had always been subject to badly-fitting bikinis because I didn’t know my size. Once I knew my size well enough, I splurged on Freya’s Venetian bikini with the ruffled bottoms. I bought this mid-summer so I put it on and took that short trip to the beach. Let me tell you this–it stood up FANTASTICALLY to the waves. At no point, with either the tops nor the bottoms did I feel like I was going to be exposed. I am short (5′) and the wires never poked me in the arms nor the sternum. Also being short, I loved the fully adjustable straps. The pattern was pretty crazy, depending on your sense of aesthetic. It reminded me of poinsettias at a rave. I’m sure that’s not what the designers were going for, but that’s what I thought.

There were of course, the downsides. It gave the girls a bit of an east/west look and took away any chance of cleavage. I prefer them to be up front and center. It has also taken me this long to review because I really wanted to grasp the quality over time. Unfortunately, the band has become a bit loose (though not unwearable). I fall between a 30GG and a 28H, and I bought this in a 30GG so if you are inbetween sizes, I would recommend going to the smaller band/larger cup size. I feel that if I am going to spend $50+ USD on a bikini, I want the fabric/elastic to be tough enough to fit the same at least one season. Though the bikini bottoms felt stable for diving into high waves, I felt like a tie bottom would have been more for flattering on me. I am well, soft and any high-waisted type bottoms that are unadjustable will cut in, no matter how large I buy them.

All this being said, I love having a swimsuit that fits and supports. It may not be the bikini of my dreams but it is my first (correctly-sized) one and so it does hold a place of importance in my heart.

Last words: please Freya, make your swimsuits in 28H or maybe include polyester into your fabric content. Thank you!


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