The Autumnal Equinox

The Autumnal Equinox

Today is the first day of fall and the cycle of today’s weather has well reflection the cycle of weather that comes over the course of the season. It started out a beautiful, though slightly crisp day and slowly turned to a dim, cloudy wonder. For me, fall has been much more appealing in the form of an idea rather than the real thing. This year I would to combine the ideal and the reality.

This year, fall will mean: wearing my new dark, sultry, warm perfume (the review will come), attending harvest festivals and boat burnings, revisiting my favorite Long Island nature haunts, the deep, brooding colors I love so much, taking in the musty scent of the library, candles in those special fall scents, wool capes, and lingerie with nary a floral pattern.

Fall is certainly not my favorite season. At the beginning of each fall, I feel like I am holding a funeral for my skirts and dresses. People say, “Oh, just wear opaque tights with them.” I apparently don’t live in the same world they do. I live in a world where static exists for the sole purpose of making my skirts crawl up my stockinged-legs, even with a slip! Speaking of slip, my world also has the little problem of my stockinged-feet slipping around inside my shoes, even with shoe pads. Thank goodness I have a penchant for jeans and boots!

I have a feeling winter will actually exist this year (it seemed to have passed by New York last year), but let’s try not to think about that.


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