Brownies and Country Fairs

Brownies and Country Fairs

My mom baked two trays of brownies this morning, one for us and the other to console some friends. Brownies are the breakfast of champions, no? Love. After a bite, off we went to the Annual Country Fair at Argyle Lake in Babylon, New York. It is held each year by the non-profit, Babylon Beautification Society. They’re one of the many societies that keep Long Island pretty. I didn’t get many pictures of the artwork and such, as I didn’t want to offend, but here is what I have.At the lake, there is a September 11 memorial garden. The white flowers inside are so delicate, they seem to be crumpled tissues tied to branches. The nasty swans were out of course and I managed to get a picture of one. Thank science for zoom lenses. I bought 15 National Geographic Magazines ranging from 1971 to 1980, for $1. Score! She asked me if I wanted the whole box, but my arms aren’t of bionic material so I turned it down. When we returned home, I checked the garden to see if any more vegetables had ripened and there on a flower (heck if I know the breed), was a butterfly. The day turned out okay and tomorrow may be even better with the postage of my new Ewa Michalak PL Toffik bra and the delivery of the new hot tub! Oh! Maybe I can wear my Freya bikini in the hot tub, while reading my new old National Geographic magazines!


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