Trauma Thursdays: Allergic? To bras? What?

Trauma Thursdays: Allergic? To bras? What?

A latex allergy can make life…inconvenient. The doctors’ office or ambulance suddenly become places that must be tiptoed around. Your boudoir wardrobe may seem like a lovely place to escape, but be cautious. Latex is often used in the elastic threads woven into bras. This can provide for wonderful shaping but if you’re allergic, this shaping can quickly turn into a dry, red, itchy mess.

A body can also be allergic to p-tert-butylphenol formaldehyde resin, a common cause of contact dermatitis. This resin is closely associated with sportswear and surf/scuba suiting. Recently, however, a patient at Rady Children’s Hospital was the first to have contact dermatitis from this resin from a padded foam bra. I’m curious to know the brand of this bra, but that wasn’t given in the abstract.

I’m not allergic to latex but I feel terribly for women who are. The offerings out there for spandex and latex-free bras are pretty grim, both in selection and aesthetics. The benefit here is that most of the latex/spandex free bras are made of cotton, which dyes fantastically. Personally, I would buy seven white ones and go to town with machine dyes.


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