Trauma Thursdays: Lightening Crashes

Trauma Thursdays: Lightening Crashes

Long Island has had a few bad thunderstorms this summer. Over the next few decades, major storms will be getting worse and more frequent. Today, I sat on my deck as the storm rolled in and the sky became dark. I was able to catch the last bit of light being swallowed by the billowing clouds. I remember being little and my mom rushing us into the basement with blankets, water, et cetera and stressing that we stay away from the windows. Yet as time went by, we developed a penchant for sitting near the bay window and leaning over the couch, watching the incoming storm with fascination. How can something so fearful be so beautiful?

Anyway, lightning can still be deadly, with the main causal situation being talking on a landline during a storm. Lightning burns can be pretty cool looking, but you can Google the pictures if you want. I know some of you may be a bit squeamish so I refrained from posting them on here.

Sorry for the shoddy image quality. This old camera’s image quality suffers greatly when the batteries are dying. I would never recommend this camera, for several reasons I may discuss later.


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