Talkie Tuesdays: Sirens

Talkie Tuesdays: Sirens

The show only made it through one series but apparently it is being remade for the US audiences with Denis Leary behind the wheel of production. If some of you don’t know, he was partly responsible for making Rescue Me so awesome. Sirens is (mostly) a comedy about the lives of paramedics. The last time this country tried a EMS-based show, everyone was up in arms about how unrealistic the show is and how it makes EMS look irresponsible and immature and dramatic. The thing is, no one claimed it to be a reality television show! I hate that this gets knocked yet shows like Grey’s Anatomy, House, and pretty much any show about any profession don’t get criticized. I mean, would you really want to see a show about walking around the ambulance, checking the lights and running equipment checks, then sleeping on a bunk-bed with one eye open waiting for a radio to go off? Something tells me audiences wouldn’t go for that. People, EMTs and civilians alike, need to quit their b*tchin’ and take these shows for what they are–entertainment. Anyway, I couldn’t find a trailer that perfectly encompassed the show so you might just have to go check it out on your own.


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