Fashion Fridays: Questionable Advice

Fashion Fridays: Questionable Advice

I was just flipping through Town & Country magazine, which I originally subscribed to because of pure interest. Now, I stay subscribed for the laughable articles. I laugh at them not because they are funny, but because they are so preposterous. These are usually pieces of advice that make me so angry that I can’t help but let out a sarcastic guffaw. Granted, the articles are written for the target market; the target market being the American individuals born into silver spoons and old money. I am not one of these people so its nice to see how these people think from the outside in.

One of the articles was a list of recommendations from an attorney on the best ways to “hide money” from the government. This way, they would get away with paying lower taxes. Because, you know, they probably don’t have the money to spare [insert sarcastic glance]. I recently read the article “Faux Real”, about having your expensive jewelry copied into fake jewelry that can be worn at “public outings.” Pray tell, WHAT IS THE POINT OF HAVING JEWELRY ONLY TO KEEP IN THE SAFE?

I was never one of those children to keep their toys “mint, in the box” in hopes that one day I could sell it. My parents would be lucky if the box made it past the car ride home. To this day, I still just don’t get it. And…to be honest…I don’t think that is something I want to get.


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