Fashion Fridays: Banana Republic X Anna Karenina

Fashion Fridays: Banana Republic X Anna Karenina

Banana Republic, known for its classic, though sometimes bland styles, has mixed it up before through collaborations with film and television costume designers. The Mad Men-themed line proved so popular that they recreated the line for another season. This year, they decided to keep with the theme lines and are in the process of designing a line inspired by the novel Anna Karenina, which coincidently is being remade into a movie coming out around the same time. Naturally, that lady with the abnormally large head and lithe body…um…ugh what is her name? oh yeah, Keira Knightley will be starring. I’m not a fan of hers but she does tend to feature in many eye-candy period films. The story is one of love and its burdens so I will probably wait until it comes out on DVD, then keep it on in the background, taking costume photos as it goes on, and posting them here…eventually.

For anyone who is unaware of what their eyes will be feasting upon, both in theatres and in Banana Republic, the setting is 1870s aristocratic Russia. I am interested to see what the design team comes up with, though I have a feeling faux fur and rich, wintry colors will abound. Read more on WWD.


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