Fashion Fridays: Or Trauma Thursday?

Fashion Fridays: Or Trauma Thursday?

I honestly was not sure in which theme day I wanted to place this photograph, taken by Tommy Ton. Ulyana Sergeenko, a Russian model/photographer/etc, has been stalked lately by paparazzi. And no wonder–they are probably waiting for the moment she finally falls backwards! Look at that spinal alignment! Can people actually walk like that? She ought to join a circus, albeit a fashionable one. This photo was brought to my attention because it was on the front cover of New York Times’ Sunday Styles. I’m not denying this outfit and others I’ve seen on her are very stylish and I would probably murder for a me-sized reproduction of her wardrobe BUT she should really get her back looked at. When I saw the front cover of said paper, the strange angle she seems to walk in nearly popped out and slapped me in the face. It is never a bad thing to hold your head high and shoulders back but at this point, she looks like a caricature.


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