Post…brought to you by Memorial Day!

Post…brought to you by Memorial Day!

West Islip Flag Team.

Firefighters. They had a band too.

Future Firefighters.

Who doesn’t bring an ax to a parade?

The Beautification Society gave out seed packets. ❤

There was no shortage of old cars. I didn’t even take pictures of all of them.

Look how unhappy this guy looks and how perfectly trimmed that beard is. I’m scared just looking at this picture.

This group probably don’t get enough credit nor funding. That’s too bad because a lot of impoverished children and teens rely on the support this group gives.

Kids being cute.

My old best friend and me at the same parade representing the Daisies in 1994.

West Islip High School Band

Fire Police. I figured my significant other might appreciate this.

Suffolk is pretty notorious for over-responding. I joked if this was a parade or a call.

My brother from another mother, Brady, being all patriotic.

I was able to spend some time with my niece, Harper. She’s so needy, though.

And pool time was had by all! Yay global warming!

Grammy, chattin’ it up with her boo, Don. You go girl!

That was my Memorial Day. It was a nice relaxing day after a crazy weekend. The only thing that is confusing, and has been since I was little, is why people celebrate Memorial Day to begin with. Shouldn’t we be mourning on Memorial Day and celebrating on Veterans Day?



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