Fashion Fridays: Sagtikos Manor Antique and Collectible Show

Fashion Fridays: Sagtikos Manor Antique and Collectible Show

The Sagtikos Manor dates back to 1692. In 1790, George Washington stayed the night here while touring Long Island. Needless to say it has quite a long history. The land had been purchased (or stolen, who knows) from the Secatogue tribe and hence the Native American name, meaning “head of the hissing snake.” Anyone living on Long Island knows at least five words in this language, whether they realize it or not; Native American language is woven into ours by means of town and lake names. The manor’s last homeowner died in 1985 and in 2002, Suffolk county bought the property to save it from developers.

The Sagtikos Manor and its historical society holds several events per season, as well as giving tours of both the manor and the grounds. Recently, they held the annual antique and collectible show. I had not attended since I was four or five, when my parents bought me my first piece of costume jewelry–a ruby heart pendant necklace. I remember loving that necklace so I was sure to attend this year, for the sense of adventure and to support the local events. Above are the “treasures” I picked up this time around. It took me a long time to become involved with local activities and it actually started when I lived in upstate New York, where there was nothing else to do during the lonely summers.

There are many adventures around you, if you just look (or google). I recently happened upon an article about a free upcoming concert series that runs throughout the summer, as well as free organic gardening classes hosted at a local place of religion. The list is exhaustive.


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