Talkie Tuesdays: Topper (1937)

Talkie Tuesdays: Topper (1937)

The first gown, in ivory sequins. The front isn’t all that interesting.
In this film, ghosts are allowed costume changes. Naturally.
Overall, the fashions of this movie are nice, but expect many fur coats. The female lead is quite the glamour-puss.
Getting quality costume screen-caps were somewhat difficult because the characters were constantly becoming invisible…
Cary Grant and Constance Bennett doing ghostly activites, likes ghosts do.

Would I recommend this movie? Highly. Actually the librarian had quite the reminiscent reaction when she rang me up, which brought a bit of hope that it wouldn’t be insanely dull like Double Indemnity. I didn’t know much about the plot going into it but I really enjoyed it. The premise of the movie is a fun-loving couple haunt a stuffy banker. At 97 minutes, it doesn’t feel too long and the actors were a convincing lot, with the possible exception of the main character’s uptight wife. I think this may be a good transition film for people who have a hard time connecting with old movies because its plot, humor, and acting transcend time.


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