Talkie Tuesdays: Body Heat (1981)

Talkie Tuesdays: Body Heat (1981)

As idealistic as white is for summer, its just that–idealistic. In reality (at least my reality), it would be covered in grass/dirt/ice-pop/whatever stains in three minutes flat. Note to self: don’t invest too much on a white piece of clothing because it turns dingy and bleach weakens fibers. Keep it cheap and simple.

White button down blouse, red high-waist pencil skirt, camel bag…why have I never used this brilliant combination? Oh, and her shoes? Camel.

A siren in white? Different, but refreshing. This film, made in 1981 is reminiscent of 1940s noir films. It is fairly predictable to an extent, without being too boring. I’m not a fan of the 1980s by any means, but I found the wardrobe extremely acceptable. I do find myself now yearning for a white blouse for summer, though. Salvation Army, here I come. If I have no luck there, Express makes button-up blouses that actually fit over my bust without being huge in the waist and shoulders. Nice.


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