Talkie Tuesdays: It (1927)

Talkie Tuesdays: It (1927)

It is a silent film, and some of the phrases that were used were…strange.
When his face popped through the flower wreath in the first scene, I thought he was the scariest man ever. I’ve come to realize though, that this is probably because light-colored eyes don’t show well in black and white. Still scary though.
Clara Bow plays the main character, an ambitious and conniving woman hell-bent on winning a certain man’s affections. I know she was the protagonist but I found her difficult to relate to.
The sequin garment? Yeah, that’s her dressing gown. How decadent…
There were more nice outfits but they were hard to capture because her character had to express emotions with rapid movements instead of words (this is a silent film, remember). One scene showed a bit of bra and well, the sight of it really explained how even small chests sagged. There was minimal support and it really showed what a long way we’ve come since then, even though we’re still stuck on the plus four. Anyway, it was a cute film and I rented it through an inter-library loan. Support your local library!

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