Talkie Tuesdays: Great Expectations (2011)

Talkie Tuesdays: Great Expectations (2011)

Can I pour you a glass of wine?
Wayyyyy ahead of ya’, darlin’! 
Did you hear Miss. Havisham and Mr. Pocket are wasted and plan to elope?
Here comes the bride…
At least the b*tch didn’t steal my Jergens…

This BBC mini-series, based on the Charles Dickens novel, is now being shown on the PBS Masterpiece website. The set, like the lighting, is dark and brooding for the most part. This doesn’t create ideal conditions for studying costumes, but it isn’t exactly a costume film to begin with. The story isn’t a romantic one (unlike those awful Jane Austen films), which is nice. Anyway, I recommend it. PBS and Masterpiece generally create more realistic depictions than, say, Hollywood. Having said that, the actress playing Miss Havisham is much younger than others who have played the character in the past, which is a questionable action on the part of the casting director, but whatever. Enjoy.


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