Venus & Olay Razor

Venus & Olay Razor

I received this product through the complimentary Influenster VoxBox program. This Venus & Olay razor by Gillette was nothing new to me. I’ve been using Venus razors for half a decade and so I knew they wouldn’t allow for a razor to NOT be up to par with their regular products. For this one, they teamed up with Olay to create a razor that both did it’s job and improve the look and feel of your skin. This razor has five blades and the same ergonomic handle as the rest of their razors. The head was a bit different in that it has shave-gel type bars on it so separate shave cream is unnecessary. This is GREAT for people (college students I’m talking to you!) who have limited space in their showers because you won’t struggle with water washing off all the shaving cream before you can get a stroke in. Like all their products, shaving knees and other difficult areas is much easier than doing so with a stationary one or two-bladed razor.
The Not-So-Good Attributes
1. Shaving cream, although less convenient, is a good marker of your progress. It is easier to miss spots with this razor if you’re in a dark shower/have awful eyesight.
2. The packaging is excessively large. I don’t know if it is supposed to be a theft deterrent, but in my opinion, it is a waste of fossil fuel.
I am a swim instructor and I’m sometimes called in last minute. My legs are not always up to par when I get that call and so there have been many times when I’ve jumped out of bed and the first thing I grab is this razor. I don’t need to mess with shaving cream or anything so this product is good for a quick and sloppy shave.

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