Makeup Mondays: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner review

Makeup Mondays: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner review

I was chosen by BzzAgent to test out a new product line, Garnier Fructis’ Triple Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner, at no cost to me.

Here is some of my background, involving shampoos and conditioners. Most of my life I used regular shampoos and conditioners on my dry, brittle, curly but fine hair. After a period of time, I started only washing the top and conditioning the bottom. I continued on with the hair-care evolution by using sulfate-free shampoos. A while back however, I got a job as a swim instructor and soon learned that sulfate-free shampoos would not be enough to remove the chlorine/bromine/salt water mixture. This left me looking for a hair-care line that would both strip the mixture out of my hair and condition it back to health.

I had long ignored Garnier Fructis for hair products because although I had used them occasionally long ago, they contained sulfates but now that I have to use sulfates again, this offer put on the table by BzzAgent seemed not so bad.

When I got the product, I instantly noticed the cap was different. It was not that painfully slippery bump-type opening. Instead, there was grooves in the plastic which made for better friction. Dear Garnier, NEVER GET RID OF THIS. The scent of both the shampoo and conditioner is like if a mango had babies with sweet tarts.

The claim is that the duo will reverse one year’s worth of damage in one year. Given that I no longer own a microscope nor have time to measure one year of damage to my hair, I was not even going to try to test that claim. All I needed it to do was take the damage out so my hair could be nice on the days I’m out of the pool. The shampoo didn’t really seem special in any way; it seemed like most other shampoos out there. The only thing I can really say is that I needed a lot of get a good wash. Maybe this means there is less sulfates but I’m unsure. The conditioner however, whoa! I have used a few different types of conditioning treatments as regular conditioners. This stuff was SO GLORIOUSLY THICK. When squeezed out, it holds its own shape! It wound up having the conditioning power of those tiny tubes of conditioner that come in hair dye boxes (which is awesome if you don’t know). Needless to say, keep a light hand with this conditioner; you don’t need much.

I would recommend the conditioner to anyone with dry, brittle hair. If you’re someone whose hair gets greasy quickly, move on. As far as the shampoo goes, it seemed the same as other sulfate shampoos so I can’t comment much either way.

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