Stash Tea Herbal Tea Sampler

Stash Tea Herbal Tea Sampler

I received this Stash Herbal Tea Sampler as a part of the complimentary Influenster VoxBox program. I’m a bit of a pessimist in that I can usually find a negative attribute in a product. Honestly, the only negative attribute I could find with this tea brand is that I CAN’T FIND IT IN BULK.
I am a regular tea drinker, though not so regular that I turn up my nose at bagged tea. I also have a sweet tooth and a thing for fruit. Most of the teas (9 variations, 18 bags) were fruit-based, and this brand pulled it off beautifully. You know what you’re drinking; there’s no guessing games. Hm, is this apple or pear? So on and so forth. The first flavor I tried was blueberry superfruit. The bag smelled strongly of blueberries and the flavor followed suit. At this point, I’ve tried all 9 flavors and this is pretty consistent among all the flavors. This tea (taste wise) is basically fruit juice, without all the bad stuff and decidedly more adult. I mean, whose inner child DOESN’T want to drink fruit juice out of a dainty china teacup?
To sum up, I would buy this and I probably will (I’m running low on bags). The price seemed pretty average for tea and the flavor is much better so why wouldn’t I purchase? 

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