Makeup Mondays: CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Lipcolor

Makeup Mondays: CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Lipcolor

I purchased this in “Ever Red-dy 507″and according to the website, this is its color.
In real life (no flash), this is its color.
Cool Light 
Warm Light
When I looked into the mirror periodically to check the wear and tear, the latter color is the color I saw. This is quite different than the shade swatch on the manufacturer’s site. Needless to say, this color is a true red. I sway towards lipsticks that have blue undertones because they look better against my skin.
The big trait that the brand waves around is its length of wear, no matter what you put your lips through. This is what I’ve found.
1. Good color payoff.
2. Middle of the lips will wear away first.
3. The 16 hour claim they make must be when the last flake of lipstick falls off.
4. This comes off in flakes and by the end of the 6 hour mark, especially if you have eaten, it looks awful.
Conclusion: This lasts longer than other lipsticks, but you’re going to want to take it off with baby oil before it starts to flake off, because unlike regular lipsticks it comes off in flakes rather than fading away.
P.S. Please refrain from using this if your lips are thin. My mother is a schoolteacher, with thin lips. By the end of her workday, it looks awful. The drying formula (because the topcoat will wear away) does no favors for you and you might be better off with a creamier lipstick, reapplying throughout the day.

2 thoughts on “Makeup Mondays: CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Lipcolor

  1. Women with thin lips shouldn’t use this product? That’s what lipstick is for, to make them look fuller. I have thin lips and wear it all day and it does not look any worse on mine that it would on anyone’s.


    1. Oh, gosh. It has been so long since I wore this. But, from my experience, thinner lips can be helped to look fuller with a shiny or moisturizing lipstick. These days, though, there are long-wear lipsticks meant to be shiny as well as moisture-stains but I have not tried the former.


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