Talkie Tuesdays: Pandora’s Box

Talkie Tuesdays: Pandora’s Box

This silent film is directed by G. W. Pabst and stars Louise Brooks as a naive but seductive woman who somewhat accidentally causes trouble to all those around her. Louise Brooks was one of the big Hollywood hitters during this time period and the face of flapper-dom. That whole bob haircut thing? Yeah, that was her.
Low cut in front and back were popular in this film, though this dress has a flesh-toned inset.

In real life, she had worked as a showgirl.

This actor hated her so much that during one shaking-her-by-her-arms scene, he actually left bruises.

Louise Brooks was notorious for breaking sexual barriers in films, in this case, a lesbian relationship.

This is the look she adopts later in the film, while she’s on the run from the law. Bobs look so much better when they’re soft, no? I think if a biopic was made of her life, Eva Green should star.

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