Talkie Tuesdays: Casualty 1900s

Talkie Tuesdays: Casualty 1900s

The show was a mini-series about the emergency and surgical departments of the London Hospital, shown by the BBC. There was a total of 10 episodes, one about 1906, three about 1907, and six about 1909. The show was dramatized from medical records, newspapers, and personal memoirs. The beginning and ending credits of most episodes include factual tidbits of medical history during that era. Anyway, check it out before SOPA kicks in; most or all of the episodes are on YouTube.

Note the lack of PPE–not a good thing when antibiotics were still years away from common use.

Why yes, that is cocaine spray being applied to a patient.

X-Ray machines were just coming into use.

Anesthetic was hand-pumped by a non-specialized doctor. Chloroform and Ether were used.

Honestly, waiting rooms don’t seem to have changed much. Really though, how could they?

One in seven children died before the age of ten.

UV light being used on Tuberculosis lesions


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