Makeup Mondays: Montagne Jeunesse

Makeup Mondays: Montagne Jeunesse

As part of Influenster’s VoxBox program, I was assigned a Montagne Jeunesse masque to try out and review. The type I received is called Dead Sea Mud Pac. The sample size was perfect for a one time use. I followed the directions and used it right after a shower. I recommend squishing the packet around in your hands to both warm and mix up the contents. One hand was used as my “palette” and my other fingers were used to paint on the masque. The texture was great– not too thin, thick, or grainy. After 15 minutes, it rinsed off cleanly. Being that my skin is dry, I applied my normal Vitamin E oil directly after, as usual. My face felt great, even hours after I have rinsed off the masque. My tips are 1. Don’t wear clothing during the whole process and 2. Don’t do it before any important events because it can inflame skin. I’m not sure if this happens to everyone, but my dry skin was like, “What?! You want to dry me out more? Well, f*ck you! I’ll teach you to mess with me.” Yea, it has an attitude problem.
Bonus: All their products are animal-friendly. Even PETA approves, and they don’t approve of anything.

Website here:


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