Wishlist: Feliz Navidad! (cont.)

Wishlist: Feliz Navidad! (cont.)

Simple “Aloha! Denim” will-self-destruct-in-20-years Sneakers
I love the idea of a lightweight, white/cream sneaker for summer but I also have a strange fear of my shoes looking like socks. Don’t judge me!

ZiGiny “Preppy” Pump
These came out of my growing curiosity in Robins’ Egg Blue. The heel is 2.75″ but it also comes to a point–’80s style. This makes me nervous, as I am used to the stability of a thicker heel or wedge. To be shallow, they are just so pretty!
Iron Fist “Sketchy Fox Scoop Neck Slit Hem” Top and “Bonnie Lass” Skirt
$32 and $50, respectively
These are on my “maybe” list because they seem pricey for imported goods but alas, tartan skirts that don’t make one look like a schoolgirl are hard to come by. And the shirt, oh the creativity!
Shape FX Satin Cap-Sleeve Control Dress in “Scarlet”
I’ve been eyeing this dress for a long time and I think it is finally time to try it out. 
If I can’t commit to the prices and if I have a job by the holidays, I will instead ask for scrubs. My wish-lists are an illustration to my widely variable sense of aesthetic so asking for work clothes is a nice, safe option. Scrubs don’t come in eras, only colors. Thank goodness for that.

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