Dedicated Post:

Dedicated Post:

Why do we spend so much time looking at weather predictions? I personally have three reasons.
1. How should I dress?
2. Will my house be standing by the time I return?
3. Hair: up, down, straight, or natural?
This is important stuff, people! is a website that I’ve began using as a replacement for my beloved HF offers a 1-10 rating scale for how much the humidity/wind/terrible weather will affect your hair during the morning, afternoon, and evening hours. The site also lists the temperatures of said hours so as to answer the question, how much will I need to layer today? The biggest reason I’ve made the switch, however, is because every time you look up the weather, a days’ worth of clean water is donated to an African. The UN has informed the world that unsafe water kills more people than war. Yikes. HF only has forecasts for the day of and the day after, so this would not be an ideal site to depend on for the next week. Then again, what weather website/television channel is? 
All vanity aside though, that second reason is a pretty important one. 
Check out Hair Forecast.

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