Makeup Mondays: Lip Stuff (round one, A.D.D. Edition)

Makeup Mondays: Lip Stuff (round one, A.D.D. Edition)

By A.D.D., I mean how the products look and feel right away when applied.

Chapstick (strawberry)- The spf is only four. I’m neutral about the scent. It isn’t bothersome nor yummy. It is matte and gives no color. It’s not sticky and feels very light on the lips. I wear this when my eye makeup is the focal point. Lips look moisturized without looking goopy.

VitaGlossO2 moisture stick (simply strawberry)- The smell is like pink lemonade. It has a bit of
shine but no color. It is kinda sticky/heavy feeling for a balm. There is no spf.

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm- There is no spf in this product. The smell is of peppermint. It feels tingly when applied but that goes away after awhile. It has more shine than chapstick but less shine than the vitagloss. There is no color to this, but the ingredients are mostly natural, which is supposedly a plus.
Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer (rhubarb)- The color is perfect for me if I don’t apply too much. It is pretty light feeling and there isn’t as much of a tingly feeling as the balm. It’s not very sticky at all. There is no spf and not much shine. Maybelline Lip Polish (Pink Cadillac, Enchanted Pink)- I originally bought the enchanted one and it took me a year to realize that I love it. I recently went back for another one but that color isn’t made anymore. Also, the packaging is different. I like both colors but the enchanted is a bit more favored. The cadillac one is a pink-peach color and it is glittered with fine specs. Neither feel goopy and they both last a pretty long time. Neither are scented and forget about spf.

N.Y.C. Brush-On Lip-Glaze (Bliss)- This isn’t offered anymore, apparently. The smell is amazing; it is one of the best glosses I‘ve ever smelled. It doesnt offer too much color and feels somewhat goopy. Also, because of the way the container is designed, the gloss is hard to get out. The taste is pretty good, too. There is a bit of shine, but it slides off kinda easily so it seems to require a lot of upkeep.

Covergirl Lipslicks (Princess)- The color doesn’t show much on me. I don’t know if this is because it is sheer or because my lips are actually darker than the shade itself. The smell is decent and it feels very light on the lips and not sticky. There is a little bit of shine.

Overall Conclusion: My gloss of choice was the pinker or darker shades of Maybelline Lip Polish because while the Burt’s Bees lip shimmer was okay, it chapped my lips and it came off easily.


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