Trauma Thursdays: Anti-depressants

Trauma Thursdays: Anti-depressants always makes me feel somewhat better about my own problems because it reminds me that I’m not alone with the misery that comes with living. Today I read a posting that said, “Today, I called my boss to let her know that I was suffering from severe depression and that my doctor suggested I take a month’s leave. Her response: ‘Glad you are getting help, however we can’t hold your job. No need to come to the office, we’ll mail your stuff to you.’ FML.”. Now, I know this situation sucks but, it sucks more than originally thought. This is what is wrong with America. We are overworked and when a person goes through depression, they can either dope up on anti-depressants and keep working, or they can get better and be unemployed. America complains that Americans are so terrible for being on anti-depressants, but what other option is there? We can either get over our workaholism or deal with the medical consequences (there are much more than depression, let me tell you). Is this country moving towards relying on pills to function?

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