Does Hatorade go well with pretzels?

Does Hatorade go well with pretzels?

The television in the cafe showed Oprah sitting with a lady from Dancing with the Stars. Apparently, the lady had worked at a chain pretzel shop 20-ish years ago and so she stood at a table, alongside Oprah and a few other women onstage at a preparation table. The lady showed them and the audience how to roll dough and form a pretzel. When she finished, the crowd went wild with applause. Imagine that. This kind of thing makes me angry and unappreciative of human society. When is the last time you saw an employee at Auntie Anne’s Pretzels cheered at for making a pretzel (a task they do perfectly, however many times a shift)? Have you ever even heard a “Oh, this pretzel is delicious! Thank you so much. Good job!” I’m just sick of famous people getting props for something that normal people do all the time. It’s not abnormal to see pages of a magazine showing a celebrity walking their dog or taking out the trash. “Oh, oh my god, they’re soooo self-sufficient!” Meanwhile, garbage men are often met with avoiding glances and scrunched up noses (and not always because of the smell). The next time I see this shit, I’m going to send David Hasselhoff after them. Yea, you don’t wanna mess with that.


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