Trauma Thursdays: FASNY Edition

Trauma Thursdays: FASNY Edition

By the way, FASNY is Firemen’s Association of the State of New York. Anyway, I learned it’s okay to hyperventilate for a Cushing’s Triad (hypertension, irregular breathing, increasing systolic/decreasing diastolic). Also, I learned that with an epidural bleed, there is something called a lucid interval. This is when a patient goes unconscious then is conscious again and then becomes unconscious. I learned that a dry cough and getting up to pee are early signs of heart failure and that shock is the body’s process of dieing. It prepares for the shutting down of organs, starting with the least important. The skin is one of the organs that starts to die first; it shows as being cold and clammy. I wish I had had a pen to write notes down because there would have been more. Apparently, a NRB should be used on a anxious resp distress patient and a BVM should be used on a lethargic resp distress patient. Finally, I learned that ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) is quite often misdiagnosed. If you want to learn about it, here is the presentation that was shown. Picture taken from

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