Trauma Thursdays: Update

Trauma Thursdays: Update

I’ll start this off by saying my biopsy results came back negative. Yay! Today I submitted a cover letter, resume, and three references to apply for the position of Coordinator of Alumni and Student Programs. My AmeriCorps project is really enjoyable and I am in love with the office but I also want something more permanent. It has been seasons (SEASONS!) since I have kept track of runway pictures, because for quite some time my life has been revolving around volunteering, AmeriCorps, and EMS.

In the EMT-B class, we just received our mid-course evaluations. They consist of our averaged test/quiz grades and a hand-written note summarizing what the instructor thinks of the person, their progress, their strengths, and their shortcomings. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to keep them. If we were, mine would go straight on the fridge because yes!, I did well! The note said I am mature, bright, inquisitive, and have one of the highest averages among my classmates. My shortcoming was that I spend too much time with the patient (the assessment needs to be done in under 15 minutes). I can deal with that in real life, but on the practical part of the state exam, over 15 minutes means an automatic fail. Ouch.

Things I’m most excited about: India, Faculty/Staff happy hour with Jen and Lizzie, beginning my clinical hours at Bassett Hospital

Things I’m most scared about: getting lost from the group in India, finding out and receiving whatever needles I need for said hospital, being labeled a drug seeker when I ask either the doctor or a psych for a one-time high-dose anti-anxiety pill for the sole purpose of not having a severe panic attack when receiving aforementioned needles


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