Fashion Fridays: Comfortable Shoes, Anyone?

Fashion Fridays: Comfortable Shoes, Anyone?

Wow. The Kenneth Cole brand is now producing shoes that are both fashionable and long-walks-to-class worthy. How, is this possible, Brianna?! Well, I’ll tell you. Making a four inch heeled shoe comfortable is no easy task. These shoes, with a signature silver heel, have many levels of shock absorbers and padding. Memory foam insoles, though not entirely new to shoes, help to alleviate pain. The line of shoes consists of five styles, although I am eying the bootie and the pump. The cost is $195 and $160, respectively. I might be in love. Those prices are a bit high for me but if I were to get one pair, it would have to be the pumps because of their versatility. The shoes are available for pre-order on the Kenneth Cole website with a limit of two pair per customer.

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